towels paper

Paper towels are used today in public institutions. They belong to the basic necessities, without which it is difficult to imagine the work of a cafe, restaurant, office, hotel, organization and enterprise. In comparison with traditional cloth towels and air drying, they have a number of advantages: they do not accumulate odors, and also save a whole complex of measures for washing towels from the fabric, are easy to use, since they require 5 times less time to dry hands than electric dryers and reduce the total number of bacteria by 77%, without completely injuring the skin of the hands.


For institutions and public catering establishments, leaf paper towels are most relevant in conjunction with a special dispenser, since they provide a quick and easy separation of the towel from one sheet, which greatly simplifies the use.


Sheet paper towels are the most practical, because they are strong and have high absorbency, these qualities are achieved in a technological way.


Paper towels are made of natural material and do not irritate the skin.

• made of paper for sanitary and hygienic products of "G" brand

• color: white / gray

• 1 layer

• with sleeve / without sleeve (with internal hood)

• with or without ambalage

• embossing: yes

• perforation: yes

• Roll length: 42 - 200 m

• Roll width: 180 mm. (there is a possibility to change by agreement)