Paper size: A-4

Class: B

Sheets per pack : 500

Package Dimensions: 29.6 x 21.4 x 5.2 cm

Density: 80 g/m2

Colour: White

Paper Finish: Uncoated

Item Weight: 2,5 kg

Features: Smear Resistant, Dust Resistant, Quick Drying

Brightness: ISO 95%

Whiteness: CIE 152%

Chlorine and acid free

Virgin cellulose.

In accordance with the Agreement on the Association of Ukraine with the European Union 01.09.2017, goods produced in Ukraine are exempt from customs duties in the EU countries.

           One of the most important criteria for choosing office paper will be the types and technical characteristics of the equipment used in the operation (copiers, laser or inkjet printers).

          Pay attention to the density of paper, which is measured in grams per square meter. Optimum for the majority for office equipment is considered a paper having a density of 80-90 g / m2. If the density of paper is higher, then it will be cardboard, for printing, which will require special equipment.

          The white paper should be chosen at least 90%, then the daily documents printed on it will be well readable and neatly looking. The preparation of some presentation materials may require the availability of paper with higher brightness values ​​for greater contrast of the image. In addition, when choosing paper, you should take into account its smoothness: the higher it is, the better the print quality will be on it, and on paper with a rough surface, the ink may be smeared or poorly fixed.