Smila Paper Factory is a well-known manufacturer in Ukraine and abroad of packaging and technical papers and paperboard with a density of 25 to 150 g / m2, widely used in confectionery, medical, food, metalworking, printing and other industries.


       The range of the company's products is diverse: Smila Paper Factory (designed for printing etiquette for the outer wrapping of confectionery products on high-speed machines), kraft paper (designed for packaging food and non-food products with a moisture content of no more than 15%, for bags and bags).


       Whitewashed and unbleached paper, corrugated paper (also fluting - designed for corrugated cardboard) and cardboard for flat layers of corrugated cardboard (also a testliner), pergamina (designed for the production of paper tracing paper, packaging of various food products with a humidity of no more than 15% lining boxes for dry food products, for wet laminating, microfilling, extrusion lamination), the base of waxed paper (intended for external wrapping of confectionery, packaging medicines and lining boxes), paper for packaging medical products (designed for packaging on automatic lines of the Multiwave type of medical products sterilized by gas, radiation and steam).

       Particular attention is paid to improving the quality of products. Since November 2002, the quality management system has been successfully operating in accordance with the international requirements of ISO 9001: 2008.


       Delivery of paper products is carried out in all regions of Ukraine and countries of near and far abroad.


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